Keeping Your Bong In Top Condition Will Only Bring You Advantages

Apr 16th 2020

You own a bong, you use it, and you absolutely love it. Do you clean it often? Chances are you don’t. Many bong owners make this mistake of not cleaning their bongs often. What’s the outcome? A bong that is dirty, smelly, and full of gunk. The best thing is to clean your bong as soon as you’re done smoking. Of course, nobody would want to do that after getting stoned but it is the best way of maintaining it.

Below we have listed down some reasons why you need to clean your bong. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The first reason why you should be cleaning your bong after using it is the kind of smell it gives out. Bongs that are left dirty smell awful. When the smell of an ashed bowl mingles with the smell of stagnant water, what you get in return is a lovely smell. You’re surprised to hear that? So were we when we heard that most smokers don’t clean their bongs often even after knowing that such a horrendous mixture gets build up in their bong if they shy away from cleaning it
  • It doesn’t matter whether you have a dustorm glass downstem or a top-quality weed if your bong is dirty. You will absolutely ruin the taste and feel of amazing buds, which calls for a proper environment, by using an uncleaned bong
  • The reason why we suggested you should clean your bong after smoking is that you save yourself from tougher cleaning jobs in the future. If you allow stuff like filth, resin, mold, etc. to grow in your bong, you are in a way making the cleaning job even more difficult. Be smart and wash it under warm water after every smoking session. Just simply doing this will not only make your future cleaning tasks easier but provide you with a fantastic smoking experience every time you use your bong
  • Bacteria. We don’t like them, do we? They should be your number one reason to clean your bong more often. You’ll be surprised to hear that microfilm bacteria begin forming in your bong just after 22 hours. Shocked more than surprised? That is why you must take the cleanliness of your bong rather seriously

We have some of the best bongs, down stems, hand pipes, and many other accessories to help you get a fine smoking experience. Use them, enjoy your smoke, but don’t forget to clean them often.