Ace-Labz 18mm to 14mm 5 Inch American Black Crushed Opal German Diffused Glass Downstem

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Product Description

These are American made glass downstems made with American glass color rod.

These are german diffused so the holes are larger and will not clog after multiple uses.


Adventures In Glass Blowing's beautiful crushed opal, German diffused downstems are a unique & heady upgrade to your current bongs look and function. This 5" worked downstem fits most standard bongs, bubblers and water pipes requiring a 14/18mm fitting.  These 14/18mm Crushed Opal downstems feature quality glass and several diffusion holes for added airflow and superior water filtration. These heady downstems  are handblown in California by glass artist Dani Storm Dustorm Glass. 

Downstem Features:

  • 14/18mm diffused downstem
  • Bong joint fitting: 18mm
  • Slide joint fitting: 14mm
  • Crushed Opal glass
  • Multi-hole diffusion perc
  • Opal pattern may vary slightly from photo
  • 5" length
  • Made in USA