TITAN-BOWL 14mm 5-Star Built-In Honeycomb Screen Unbreakable Metal Bong Slide by ACE-LABZ Made In The USA GOLD

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Product Description
Product Description

5-Star Titan-Bowl™ with built in screen

 Never worry about breaking a bowl again. This aircraft-grade aluminum bowl will never break and it fits perfectly in your favorite glass or silicone water pipe. Never buy another bowl again. it works perfectly with the unbreakable TITAN-STEM Downstem

Titan Bowl Features:

  • Indestructible
  • Built-In Screen
  • Made in USA
  • Cool to Touch vs. Glass Bowl
  • 14mm Male Slide
  • Easy to clean, smooth non-stick finish
  • Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Quality Standard: ISO EN 9001 Certified
  • Comes with Original Box & Packaging
  • Color: Gold
  • Easy to clean (just use alcohol)