Thinking About Buying a Downstem? Read This First!

Mar 13th 2020

Smoking from a bong or sometimes even from a dab rig is impossible without a downstem. A downstem is an essential and basic necessity, without which a bong is pretty useless. It is a long tube made of glass that acts as the connection between your bowl and the water chamber. It works to direct and carry the flow of smoke from the bowl through the water chamber and neck. Some downstems have a little perforation at the end, which provides extra diffusion and cools down the smoke before it reaches your lips. They come in a range of patterns or ‘perc’ styles. At Ace-Labz, we carry a variety of perc and diffused designs, with each providing a unique blend of a cool hit and smooth diffusion.

Most bongs usually have a fixed or removable downstem. But removable downstems are a much better choice because they can be completely disconnected from the bong to be repaired or removed. It also makes it easier to clean them.

Finding The Right Downstem Length
One of the most important elements you need to keep in mind with downstems is their length. You need to determine the required length by measuring from the top of the grounded joint of the downstem to its end. If you do not have downstem for measurement, you can always find out the right length by placing your measuring tape down through the downstem joint till the bottom of the bong. Downstems are usually available in 14mm and 18mm, but you can also find pieces that come in a combination size of 14mm and 18mm, allowing you to place the stem in a joint fitting that measures 18 mm while you enjoy your smoke through a Titan-bowl piece that is 14mm.

Materials used for downstems
While the most common material used for making downstems is glass, today there is a wide variety available in the market. We offer downstems in metal as well, such as the Titan-Stem adjustable and interchangeable downstems.

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