The Right Way to Measure Downstem before Buying

Posted by Admin on Feb 18th 2020

Not every glass pipe has an attached downstem. But if your glass pipe is broken and needs a downstem replacement, it’s a good idea to do it fast to continue enjoying smoking.

Typically, beaker style glass pipe comes with a detachable downstem that offers an extra layer of percolation and filtration. With an extra layer of diffusion, you experience a completely different taste whenever you take another chug of your smoke. When you have the advantage of attaching and removing downstem, you can try customization with various downstem of different designs and diffusion levels. 

Though the downstem can’t replace an ash catch, the addition of diffusion level makes things really smooth. Also, you can easily experiment with different downstem’ styles and lengths to achieve different smoking experiences.

But before you buy a replacement, you need to know the length, width, and joint measurement. 

How to measure the inner chamber of bong?
Insert a straight object, such as a pencil, into the female gound joint. Take note and mark the point on the object when it’s about ½ inch from the bottom. 

How to measure the object?
To measure the object, you can make use of a ruler or tape. Simply, measure the length of the object up to the mark you made. The number you get is an approximate measure of the ground joint to the bottom of the flask. With this, you get an idea of the length of the downstem. Make sure to not buy downstem longer than this measurement; otherwise, this will build up pressure on the downstem.

How to measure the joint?
The size of joints for most bongs is mostly the same - 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Also, you can use a measuring tool to figure out the width of the female joint. In case, you don’t have access to a measurement tool, take a dime and check if it fits well inside the opening. This is important because a wider joint will not fit perfectly while a narrow joint will not create the needed air-tight seal. 

How to pick a new downstem?
With the help of measurements, you can now buy a downstem. Surf through the catalog of Ace-Labz to find 18mm to 14mm downstems. Also, you can shop for a downstem with adjustable lengths to have the best smoking experience.