Go Old School for Cannabis Consumption by Using Lock-n-Load Chillums

Mar 16th 2023

There is no limit to the joys of consuming cannabis, and as research into it has progressed over the years, it seems that there are no limits to the practical benefits cannabis has either. From being used to relieve pain to increasing productivity, cannabis does it all for the user. When it comes to consuming it, there are millions of options that people can choose from. Depending on your persuasion, you can roll it in smoking paper, put it in pipes or chillums, bake it into edibles, or even purchase weed-infused gummies or drinks from verified sellers.

Before the popularity of electronic vape pens, dab rigs, pre-rolled joints, and edible gummies, which you can easily buy at the local dispensary, consuming cannabis, and hemp flowers required a more hands-on approach. You had to crush, clean, and roll your own material in order to enjoy it and people derived pleasure from these simple rituals. One of the most popular tools that people had at their disposal for smoking cannabis was chillums.

How Chillums/ Hand Pipes Work and Their History

A chillum is a straight conical smoking pipe traditionally made from clay or soft stones. The hollow tube can be filled with cannabis in its various forms and can be smoked directly. A cloth or chillum stone is inserted at the bottom end of the pipe that stops debris from passing through.

Even though there is a lot of speculation about the origins of the chillum or hand pipe, as it is commonly called, most people attribute its origins to 18th century India, while others have found similar smoking pipes during the same period in Africa and South America as well.

Regardless of origin, chillums only came into mass popularity in the 60s and 70s, during the rise of psychedelic and hippy culture. It is generally known that people during this time period were introduced to chillums by Indian Sadhus, who smoked hashish out of these chillums to attain higher spirituality and feel closer to their Gods.

Chillum smoking throughout history has been a communal activity, as one hit from the chillum is strong enough for a person. After each hit, the chillum is passed around the group, which serves as the perfect means for people to exchange stories about their psychedelic experiences as well as to hear stories from Sadhus about their spiritual experiences.

Lock-n-Load Chillums

If you are looking for a portable chillum to add to your travel smoking bag, Ace-Labs has the perfect Lock-n-Load Pipe that you can pick up from their website. These lock-n-load chillums are extremely portable and can fit into any pocket with ease. These chillums also come with a cap that prevents the cannabis from spilling out and causing a mess, as most pipes do. This chillum is perfect for a quick hit and is small and discrete enough to be used wherever you might feel the need. The enclosed bowl also ensures that there is no lingering smell till the time you are ready to light up.