Feeling A Difference In Smoking Experience? Your Downstem Might Be Due For A Cleaning

Jun 2nd 2020

Due to its proximity to the bowl, downstem tends to accumulate a lot of sticky resins and become obstructed rather quickly. If you want to enjoy an amazing smoking experience, you must clean your downstem regularly. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can clean your downstem in a simple and quick manner.

You will need certain items for the cleaning process. Below are those items.

  • 90% isopropyl alcohol or you can go with a regular cleaning solution as well
  • Fine or coarse salt
  • Medium-sized Ziploc bag
  • A pipe cleaner

Now let’s take a look at the steps.

  • Soak The Downstem - Take the ziploc bag or any food container and pour it into iso+salt solution. Immerse the downstem for about an hour in the solution, which will break the resins down so that proper cleaning can be done at a later stage

  • Now Brush The Downstem - Take a small-sized brush and use it to get rid of any remaining resins on the inside and outside downstem walls

  • Properly Wash And Dry The Downstem - Now under hot water, wash the downstem properly to remove any remaining alcohol and dirt. Once that’s done, allow it to dry completely. Do not put the downstem back into the bong until it is fully free of moisture. It will be even better if you purchase a pair of cleaning gloves as they allow you to hold the downstem firmly while thoroughly clean it under hot water

Follow the above-mentioned steps in the correct order and you will find that your downstem looks virtually new after the cleaning. Now that you have changed the look of your old downstem into a brand new one, it is essential to know why we need to put our downstem through regular cleaning.

When your downstem gets clogged up with resins, it begins to bring down the number of bubbles and also affect the hits, which you’ll notice becomes a lot less smoother. There’s also the possibility of your clogged up downstem getting stuck in the bong and we all know how incredibly frustrating that is.

While you can always clean your old downstem to better your smoking experience, sticking with a downstem that is too old is not a wise decision. You should purchase a new downstem of better quality to keep your smoking experience flawless and uninterrupted. If you feel your downstem has served its time, you can get 14 mm to 18mm downstem at Ace-Labz at great prices. We have both metal and glass downstems available.