Unbreakable Matte Black CE-1 Bowl 14mm METALFORMS Aluminum Martini Style Single Hole Aluminum Slide For Bongs Made In Germany

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Product Description

The indestructible bowl 14mm MetalForms Metal martini-style Single Hole Aluminum Slide For Bongs CE-1 Made In Germany. 

Sick of breaking glass bowls? Upgrade to an unbreakable bowl this is a great addition to the adjustable length unbreakable Titan-Stem Downstem This bowl can add appeal to your RooR Glass, Ace-Labz glass, or any other American or heady glass brand.

This bowls stays cooler to the touch when compared to glass bowls, thanks to the anodizing process another bonus is its super easy to clean.

So go ahead and buy now while it's on sale.



  • Unbreakable 14.5mm CE-1 single hole aluminum bowl piece made in Austria & Germany.  


    • Bowl size: 14.5mm
    • Total length: 50.5mm
    • Weight: 15.5g
    • Capacity: 0.5-0.75g
    • Type: Single hole
    • Surface finish: Matte 
    • Color: Black anodized
    • Material: Food Grade Aluminium
    • Quality Standard: ISO EN 9001 certified production partners